Lane Schedule

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The Lane Schedule is the schedule or calendar for your league. You can update league nights to skip for holidays, and control the matchups assignments each week. 

1. Navigate to your Dashboard and click "Manage Leagues"

2. Select the league you’d like to update


3. Click the Schedule tab

4. Define each week of the Lane Schedule to determine potential matchups. 

Skipped: Used when league will not meet that week (usually for holidays).


Position Round: Matchups follow Standings and will be 1st place vs. 2nd place, 3rd place vs. 4th place, etc. Usually used as a playoff or rolloff week.

Position Round Lock: When first place already has a lock on 1st place, using this would place the 1st place team against the last place team. Then this would allow 2nd place vs. 3rd place and 4th place vs. 5th place, etc.


Custom: Used when you want to define the week’s matchups manually.


Random: Matchups are randomly selected.


Normal: Matchups will follow the standard USBC league schedule.



5. The gear icon provides several options to edit a schedule. These options are only available when the week is unlocked for editing.


Select Week Template: Used to input a different weeks lineups on the current week that is being edited


No Points Awarded: No points will be awarded during this week of bowling

Add Week: Add an additional week to the schedule. This may be used when you are bowling more than one session in a given week, this will allow you to pick another day of the week for a session.


Change Starting Lane: Change the starting lane gives the option to where the schedule of Team  IDs should begin. The team IDs will then wrap around the center if needed.


Enable Fun Night: This will make it so that any matches entered into this week will not count towards scores or points towards the standings or bowlers averages.

Note: Lane Schedule Reset will rebuild Lane Schedule on all unlocked weeks. This may be needed when teams are added or removed or after manually updating Matchups & Standings for Position Rounds.

One Team Per Pair (Lane Schedule Modifications)

1.  Inside your create and edit league wizard, on the league info tab you will see a Lane Schedule Modifications section with the option for "One Team Per Pair".  This will split each matchup into two pairs of lanes, placing one team on one pair, and the opposing team on the next pair.

2.  You can select week by week to turn this modification on, as well as select the left or right lane for the assignments each week. 

Skip A Pair Of Lanes Between Matches (Lane Schedule Modifications)

Inside your create and edit league wizard, on the league info tab you will see a Lane schedule Modifications section with the option for "Skip a pair of lanes between matches".  This will skip a pair of lanes between matches.

Cross Lane

Most scoring systems have their own configuration when issuing league to turn Cross Lane on and off.  Please make sure to select that as you wish.

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